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ICON is an Engineering and Consultancy company in Egypt founded in 2018. We seek to become long-term partners with exceptional management teams and employees who share our goal of significant long-term growth while simultaneously leaving a lasting and positive impact on the communities in which we operate. We are actively seeking to grow a sustainable future through our company’s initiatives, platforms and projects. Our divisions collectively represent our involvement across a number of industries. Over the past six years we were able to build a strong client database with an excellent track record, providing quality services that meet expectations in several sectors. Our Engineering services include Project Management and Consultancy, Operation and Maintenance, Electrical Work Erections, and technical support. Our Solar services include Designing & Commissioning and Operations & Maintenance. Our Automation services streamline business processes,¬†automate¬†complex configurations, optimize networking tasks, and free up resources.

ICON consistently seeks innovative ways in improving processes

ICON is an NREA certified company that specializes in several fields in order to serve the Egyptian community aiming to reach a balanced, sustainable and efficient environment. We specialize in Solar Photovoltaic designs and installations, Engineering services , and Commercial.

Its our belief in living a green and sustainable community that helped us start strong, reliable, and credible and are expanding fast in the Egyptian market.


ICON believes in a safe and trusted environment.

International Standards

ICON follows international standards in all its erection and engineering designs..