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Solar System Services

ICON Energy is an NREA certified renewable energy company that specializes in designing, installing and commissioning of ON-Grid and OFF-Grid Solar Energy Solutions applying international Engineering Standards.

Designing & Commissioning

We will visit your location and carry a survey on what you need and what can be done based on your budget.

We will send you a quote with all the details of what will be implemented.

We will design the system using the engineering international standards. ICON strictly follows the IEC 62548:2016 International standard.

Installation begins. This takes anywhere between 10 days to a month depending on your location and how big the system is.

Once completed and approved, we will show you how everything works and train your people (if required). ICON offers a one year maintenance of your solar system free of charge for the first year.

Operation & Maintenance

If your solar plant is not as efficient as it used to be, contact us and we can help you.

ICON Energy has operation and maintenance contracts with several solar system companies to ensure that the solar system station is working as efficiently as possible. Our team works on deep cleaning the PV panels from dust and chemicals to bring life back to your solar plant.

ICON believes in energy saving ..  Momentum is building towards clean, renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal. Big changes in how we produce electricity—like the growth in energy efficiency technologies and solar and the decline in coal power—make a big shift possible.

By turning into Solar Energy, you are not just saving the earth, but you are also saving money.

Contact us to know more on how you can calculate your Return on Investment (ROI).